Tie The Boat Down

Grace Darling is a heroine of the North-East of England and the story of her brave efforts to save the survivors of a shipwreck has become a legend.

The song was written when the writers of a Grace Darling stage show decided to run a competition to find some incidental music for their production.

I was hugely grateful when legendary Northumbrian Pipes player Chris Ormston agreed to collaborate on the song.

To my delight (and complete surprise) the song was chosen as one of the six winners of the Grace Darling Song Competition and featured as intro and outtro music for "Amazing Grace" - a play about Darling which toured the North-East of England in the autumn of 2012.

The Grace Darling Song Competition, 2012

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Video released : November 3, 2012.   © 2012, John D. Lewis/Dawn M. Lewis/Coquet Shack (PRS/BMI/PPL).

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