What Kind Of Men

The Russians blame the Americans who blame the Syrians who blame the Americans. But this is NOT a blame game. If it was, then the list of world "leaders" who shared the blame would be VERY very long.

From Theresa May -- whose weasel words about how much aid the UK sends to refugees in Turkey and Jordan disguise how Tories are unwilling to help those just 21 miles away in France -- to Vladimir Putin who's solution to everything is to throw bombs at people.

People don't risk deadly boat rides across perilous seas or trek for weeks across hostile countryside because EU welfare systems are better than those in Syria or Iraq. They do it because people are hurling bombs at them and they HAVE to get to safety.

If we were suffering as they are, we would hope - perhaps expect - someone would help us. So let us open our borders and let them in. It is the ONLY response that can be justified.

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Video released : April 23, 2013.  © 2013, John D. Lewis/Dawn M. Lewis/Coquet Shack (PRS/BMI/PPL).

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