Credits for When Morning Comes video

Most of the videos made here at Coquet Shack rely on the efforts of others who have already (unknowingly) shot exactly the pictures and video clips we need. It's a nervous moment when we approach a photographer or video maker and say: "Could we use your picture/video? There's no money in it for you." Happily, the following good people said: "Go ahead."

We did hit one insurmountable snag:  we could find only one suitable shot of sunrise over the hills of Northumberland, and Simonside (which rises to the south of Thropton) in particular. So we cheated and used sunsets instead. Sorry.

Gilbert Elmiger: My Dad lived in Geneva for more than 22 years and used the No. 12 trams to travel into work and town and I was thrilled to come across Gilbert's excellent videos which you can see on YouTube. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Quentin Field-Boden: I was delighted to find Quentin's Thropton Descent, showing his cycle ride into Thropton - the village where I grew up. Racing down Thropton bank was a frequent weekend boyhood pastime.

Barry Coward / Beaulah Compact Discs:I had searched for shots of buses of the 1950s and early 60s showing the right route number without joy. As I was about to give up hope, I came across "United in Northumberland 1953 A film shot by Ron Craigen." Thanks, of course, to the late Ron Craigen.

Ian Glendinning'sCoquet Valley Images page on Facebook is a joy with page after page of stunning pics of the valley. Then, one night as I was working on the video, Ian posted the ideal opening shot.

Andrew Curtis: Some time before the video was even planned, I came across a shot of one of the picnic spots that I spent many happy afternoons at when I was a boy. Andrew  allows his shot to be used under a creative commons licence.

Andrew also took an amazing sunset shot at the Horseshoe Rock, Lordenshaw also used under a creative commons licence.

Alison Jane: Some pictures make me draw breath and whisper "Wow!" Alison Jane's magnificent Sunset Over Simonside is such a picture and a must as a "sunrise".

Ewen Kinninment provided another "sunrise" with his atmospheric shot Simonside Sunset which is actually shot looking towards Thropton.

Richard Sharrocks provided the one suitable sunrise shot I found for the video. I needed a shot to describe sunrise on a cold Northumberland morning. Richard's Sunrise over rural England - shot over the fields and hills from Cartington near Thropton  - fitted the bill perfectly.

Dave Snowden: The truly spectacular shot which pans away behind the credits at the end of the video is Meandering by Dave Snowden. Showing the Simonside hills behind The Haugh at Thropton and the River Coquet meandering past the village and beneath the footbridge over which I trekked hundreds of times in the late 50s, early 60s.

Thanks also go to Dan-Air 1977 and SIG Geneva for their videos.

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