To many, Sir Bobby Robson was just a retired football manager. But in my native North-East England, he was a hero to his fellow Geordies: a man who's honesty and integrity shone through a sport increasingly led by avarice and self-interest. Bobby fought off cancer for years before finally succumbing on July 31, 2009. (Read more.)

The day Sir Bobby died, I couldn't help but pick up my guitar: there was a song there and I didn't know why or what ... or where it came from. Within 30 minutes, the words and music were complete thanks to smoothing and shaping by Dawn (my wife and writing partner). A few hours later, it was recorded.
It's NOT a mournful song: it's a positive memory of Sir Bobby and a mark of the Geordie nation's respect for him.
I was delighted when, some years after Sir Bobby's death, the song was used as the closing theme for a BBC Radio tribute to Sir Bobby's life - The Day I Met Sir Bobby.