Around 1,700 steelworkers on Teesside lost their jobs in February, 2010 while the Labour Government stood idly by and let it happen. Corus Steel said it was unable to continue production or find a buyer and so it "mothballed" it's Redcar works. Few believed it would ever reopen. In the run up to the closure, I decided to revamp  Love & Hope  so that it could be released in support of the workers fighting for their jobs.
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Happily, local radio and media picked it up and it became something of a local hit especially among the families of steelworkers in Redcar and surrounds.
There was a partially happy end to the story. Early in 2011, the Redcar steel-making plant was bought by a Far East company and in 2012, the mothballed furnace was re-lit and steel production restarted on Teesside.
I guess the song now stands testament to the fortitude of workers in the North-East and their never-ending fight to stay employed.