On the March  is a protest song, a call to arms. I was disgusted by the way I felt Nick Clegg and his Lib-Dems conned me to voting for them in the 2010 General Election only to betray my trust. Like millions of others, I didn't know that the man who based his election campaign on stopping broken promises was to become deputy leader of a Government where broken promises would be the norm.               (Read more.)

For millions of ordinary folks, this Government has been a destructive force. The rich get richer with Tory-designed tax-breaks backed by the whimpering Lib Dems. The poor get poorer facing an unprecendented attack on earnings and welfare with no sign of objection from the Lib Dems.
The future for most is grim and yet the "posh boys" in Downing Street just grin! I do NOT advocate violence, but I believe the only way to stop the rot may be social unrest.
On the March    was first released in 2010 as protests grew against the first Government "austerity measures". It's re-released now as a rallying cry to all who believe there IS a better way which can begin at the 2015 General Election.