A Baby Born is a simple re-telling of the traditional Christmas story. I came across the lyrics on a piece of notepaper on my bedside table. Dawn (my wife and co-writer) had written just eight lines during the night and I was captivated. We'd been considering trying to write some music for a school play and Dawn had written alongside the note: "A poss. Christmas play song?"                                         (Read more.)

I didn't care how we used the song: it was January and I wanted it ready for release the next Christmas. In the music business, you have to pitch songs for Christmas by June to have any chance of them being accepted and ready for radio.
Eight lines was not enough but Dawn produced the rest in just days - words which capture the wonder of the story - and which BAFTA nominated animator, Mal Hartley matched with his amazing video. All I did was write the tune, and happily, the combination captured the magic of Christmas and allowed us to front two years of campaigning to raise funds for local charities.