Sometimes when you see a raw lyric - before any music has been added - you just know it's a great song. The moment I saw the twelve lines my wife - and writing partner - Dawn, had written in black biro on a blank sheet of A4 paper, I knew this one was special. When I dared to suggest that Dawn (who protects her lyrics like a mother protects her young) needed to write some more words to complete the job, she "bashed" off four more lines and growled: "That's IT!"                                        (Read more.)

When I sat down with my guitar and played, the melody just happened and the un-named song was born. Once I had recorded it, we knew it was missing that vital Christmas ingredient - children's soaring voices. We asked our son's school if they'd like to get involved and with the kids' voices recorded and dubbed onto the original, we published the song to raise funds for the school and while UK radio ignored it, US radio loved it, played it and took it to No 9 in the Independent Music charts on Christmas Eve, 2007.
This version here is a remix I made in 2010, but the original version with the kids is still available to download here.
• I was gratified when, six years AFTER we made The Christmas Wish, one of the then sixth grade girls who sang on the track contacted us to say how much fun it had been to record the song.